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This is the documentation for arp-scan, the ARP scanner. The documentation applies to arp-scan version 1.8. If you are using an earlier version, you should consider upgrading to the latest release. See the Installation Guide for details.

If you have arp-scan installed on your system, you can determine the version number with arp-scan --version.

  1. Installation Guide - How to obtain and install arp-scan
  2. Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to common questions
  3. User Guide - How to use arp-scan to discover and fingerprint systems
  4. arp-scan option summary - A summary of the various command line options
  5. arp-scan help output - The arp-scan help text, which give brief details of the various command line options
  6. Desired New Features - Features planned for future releases
  7. Recent Changes - Details of the main changes in each release
  8. Latest MAC Vendor text file - The latest version of the MAC/Vendor file